Our Dream

We live in a sick world. More than 90% of our global population will suffer from some form of chronic disease such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, or auto-immune diseases. The rest of us are increasingly threatened by non-fatal ailments such as mental health disorders, skin diseases, or digestive problems.

Today, humans live longer, but experience more illnesses, causing the rate of disability to rise. The truth is… most chronic diseases are related to our lifestyle choices, and are highly preventable.

Everyday we are exposed to toxins that our bodies absorb from our environment, the products we use, and the foods we consume. In addition, the typical diet today does not provide many of the nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy. These 2 factors lead to the conditions of toxaemia and nutritional deficiency — which are the root causes of chronic diseases.

At NewLife, we believe that health begins at home and that every family and individual should be empowered with the knowledge on how to live a healthy life. Health is not merely the absence of disease, but rather the reward we receive for making the right choices in our lives.

We combine impeccable science and traditional wisdom to create products that will keep your family healthy, naturally. All of our products are safe, effective, accessible and responsible. By addressing your health needs in a holistic manner, we expect to create results that last a lifetime.


others as our chief motivation.


the knowledge of total health to as many people as possible.


the products which are necessary for health.


others in gaining personal and financial freedom.


To equip everyone in this and the next generation with the knowledge of TOTAL HEALTH, so that they can be FREE from diseases.

Good Health & Wealth, Without Compromise

Family Owned


Dr. Lynn Tan, ND

Founder & Principle Consultant

CK Tan

Datuk CK Tan

Founder & President


Samuel Tan

Marketing Director

Leon Tan

Leon Tan

Operations Director & Nutritional Consultant


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