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With many of us working from home due to the pandemic and with gyms, fitness studios, and sporting venues closed due to restrictions, we are left with limited options to keep ourselves fit and strong! But did you know that rebounding is one of the BEST ways to keep fit from the comfort (and safety) of your home?

 What Makes Rebounding So Effective?

Rebounding is such a great way to exercise because it ticks all the boxes! It provides you with a great cardiovascular workout and can be used for steady-state cardio or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), depending on how you plan your workout. Jumping on the rebounder for just a few minutes really gets your heart rate going!

The rebounder is also an excellent tool for bodyweight resistance training and core/abdominal workouts. In addition, every time you bounce on the rebounder, G-force is applied to every single cell on your body! How does this work?

When you are on solid ground, the force of gravity on your body is at 1G. When you are at the bottom of the bounce on the rebounder, G-force is increased 2-3 times! Rebounding places every single cell in the body, throughout your organs, muscles and bones, under consistent rhythmical pressure. This gravitational resistance effect stimulates circulation, detoxification and strengthening through your whole body.

NASA researched and used rebounders extensively to prepare astronauts for space travel and the challenges their bodies would go through due to the loss of gravity. They also compared the efficiency of rebounding against running, and they said:

“The external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake were significantly greater while trampolining than running. The greatest difference was about 68%. Now, if you had access to a gasoline that was 68% more efficient than the gasoline you were using in your automobile right now at the same price, wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Well, we don’t have the gasoline, but it does appear that we do have the exercise.”

(Bhattacharya, McCutcheon, Shvartz, and Greenleaf 884) 

In addition to the obvious benefits of exercise, the G-force effect from rebounding offers substantial health benefits such as the stimulation of bone growth/density, especially in children and the elderly, and the strengthening of muscles and tissues throughout the body. It also promotes blood circulation, relaxation, lymphatic drainage and more!

The Benefits of Lymphatic Circulation

Also known by some as the ‘lymphaciser’, the rebounder is the best tool for stimulating lymphatic circulation and drainage in the body. Did you know that in addition to our cardiovascular system, we have another circulatory system known as the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and nervous system. It comprises a large network of lymph, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymphatic or lymphoid organs, and lymphoid tissues. Its primary function is to transport lymphatic fluid, which contains infection-fighting white blood cells. It also helps to eliminate toxins, wastes and unwanted materials from the body. In fact, the tonsils are actually large clusters of lymphatic cells that are the body’s first line of defence as part of the immune system! Another fun fact is that we have three times more lymphatic fluid in the body compared to blood!

Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart for a pump, the lymphatic system does not have a pump but instead relies on breathing and muscle movement to move lymphatic fluid. Other ways to stimulate lymphatic circulation include walking, running, jumping, lymphatic massage, and the most effective method of all—rebounding!

Every single time you bounce up and down on the rebounder, the one-way valves in the lymphatic system open and close, and this movement stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid! The increase of lymphatic activity from rebounding helps boost your immune system by sending more white blood cells to every part of the body while increasing the rate of detoxification.

This less-known effect of rebounding is a powerful tool for treating chronic diseases of all kinds, strengthening the immune system, and just a few minutes daily will leave you feeling re-energised and re-vitalised. Many have also enjoyed relief from fatigue, stress, and pain through daily rebounding.

For those who are too weak or elderly to stand or bounce on the rebounder, you even could sit on the rebounder with your legs on the floor for stability and have someone stand on the rebounder and bounce for you to enjoy these benefits!  

Rebounding for Health

With rebounding being such an affordable, accessible, safe, and effective way to exercise, and also a great way to help kids burn off energy at home, there is no reason why your home should not have a rebounder!

Enjoy better health, fitness, and vitality with our NewLife Rebounder! At 102cm wide and weighing just over 6kg, our Rebounder provides you and your family with the most effective way to exercise known to man! A study showed that jumping on the rebounder for just 10 minutes has the same effects as jogging for 30 minutes!

Rebounding is a high-efficiency, low-impact way to exercise that is suitable for all ages.

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