Would you like to enjoy your favourite NewLife™ products for free by simply sharing the products you enjoy the most? Or build a sustainable source of income on the side?

Speak with your Upline today on how to get started as a NewLife™ Independent Business Owner (IBO) today!

Community Driven & Effectiveness Focused

As a business, we care the most about our customers like you and your family. We focus on supporting our community of members who are passionate about their health through events, knowledge and help directly from our team.

If you need help, you will get it. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is the best way to reach your health and business goals!

Exponential Compensation

Our compensation plan is designed so that the more you put into the business, the more your income will increase at an exponential rate.

You are rewarded based on the volume generated through your efforts and the lives you impact through this business.

Online Business Tools

In this age of the Internet, having tools built for digital-savvy users is the key to your success.

We have created online tools to make it as easy as possible to grow your business using the Internet and social media. For example, if you share any of our products using your unique tracking link, you will be rewarded for any sales made from there forever.

If those people join as IBOs in the future, they automatically become your downline and their downlines become part of your team too!

How Do You Earn as an IBO?

The diagram below shows how much our IBOs stand to earn at different levels.

For example, if you want to sell at retail price to the public, you can make 30% of profits from the products you sell.

But the real potential is when you grow a community of product advocates like yourself! The more your group volume increases, your performance grows exponentially.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of how this plan works, please reach out to your upline or the NewLife™ office nearest to you.

NewLife™ Business Guide

For further details on the NewLife™ Marketing Plan, please download the business guide for your region below: