NewLife™’s One Life Health Screening Now Available

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Here at NewLife™ we’ve always wanted to expand our end-to-end services to help our members take control of their health.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for the last 12 months to develop precisely this – a full health screening with our natural health strategies at its core.

What Is A Health Screening and Why Do We Need One?

A health screen, sometimes also known as a general medical checkup, helps spot indicators that may be causing, or lead to common health issues.

Most health screenings would involve a combination of bio-diagnostics, such as blood analysis, general health checkup and lifestyle analysis through a questionnaire.

It gives an overall picture of your health and will help guide you on what steps you need to improve your situation.

It Helps You Determine A ‘Starting Point’

You don’t know what you don’t know – unfortunately you can’t ‘feel’ all the problems your body is at risk of.

Even if you see your doctor, unless there is something wrong with you at that time, they won’t give you an idea of what your baseline health condition is either. They treat based on the symptoms you are experiencing on that day itself.

To know where you stand, you need more data to analyse!

And that’s where health screening comes in.

You Can Plan A Strategy Based On Data

Through simple lifestyle questions and thorough blood analysis, it is now easier than ever to give you a clear picture of where your health is and what risks you face in the coming years.

The fantastic thing is it’s backed by science!

From blood sugar levels, liver markers, cancer marker and a full blood profile, we can now show you a picture of your entire body, from the inside out…

Introducing NewLife™’s One Life Health Screening Program

More people are sick in this world than ever before…

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We have access to endless information about healthcare so readily available on the internet – but not everything we read online is reliable, and it can be frustrating to navigate health challenges alone.

This is why we’re introducing our One Life Health Screening Program – a personalised nutrition and fitness program tailored to every individual based on their needs and goals.

How The One Life Programs Work

We know that the body can self-heal and self-repair if we allow it to do so, and the One Life Program will provide you with the guidance you need to regain your health with a simple 3-step process.

  1. Assessment

Through a detailed blood test and lifestyle questionnaire, we will assess your “starting point” and know the critical areas that need to be targeted.

  1. Consultation

Based on your results, our experienced team will provide a personalised action plan that covers areas of your daily diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise. We will also provide you with the support you need to make changes in each area as needed.

  1. Follow-Up

No action plan is complete without follow-up. Throughout this program, we will be with you, supporting you in your health journey and providing guidance along the way. 

BONUS: Fio App

We have also partnered up with the team at Fio App to provide you with high quality, easy-to-follow fitness programs that you can use at home, at work, or at the gym.

Sign Up For Our One Life Programs Today

Due to the customised nature of carrying out our programs, spaces are very limited.

Book your place today and a member of our team will get back to you with the earliest available times for your blood test and follow up consultation.

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*This program is only available to those residing in KL/PJ (Malaysia) area.