In News by Amanda Chong

We are very excited to share with you the changes and upgrades that we have been working on with our online platform!

As you may know, all of our IBOs are given unique referral links found on the IBO Dashboard that you can use to recruit new Smart Consumers under your network. The links provided would send people to either the Smart Consumer Sign Up Page or the Immuflora Campaign Page.

So far we’ve seen our Smart Consumer program grow to over 1,000 registrations from our IBOS, but we felt that it had much more potential.

So we have been working hard behind the scenes to provide you with more options to introduce more people than ever to NewLife™!

What’s new?

1) You Can Now Refer People To EVERY NewLife™ Product

By far the most significant change to the online store – you now have the option to share any NewLife™ product to your friends and family.

We have programmed unique tracking links into every single product page! All you need to do is login to our website, go to the product page that you would like to share, and click one of the Share buttons to access your unique referral link.

If someone uses your unique link and registers or makes a purchase, they will automatically become your downline Smart Consumer.

Even if they don’t purchase immediately, as long as they are using normal browser settings, the website will “cookie” their browser for the next 30 days.

This means that if they access our website again directly or through a Google search within that time and register, our system will still track them as being referred by you!

How great is that?

2) Easier-To-Use Purchase & Registration

Previously, you would need to get your referrals to sign up as a Smart Consumer before buying anything.

We have now built the Smart Consumer registration into the check-out process. So if someone has accessed our site through your unique link, looked through our products and decided to make a purchase, they can sign up right there during check-out without needing to jump through hoops!

This will provide a smoother, easier-to-use shopping experience for all of your new sign ups, which will encourage your referrals to stay on the website, purchase and ultimately become a part of your network.

3) How Do The Cookies Work?

Our referral system works based on “last link clicked” basis, meaning that a new sign up will be assigned based on the unique link that they clicked on most recently.

What does this mean?

This means that you need to get your link out there to as many people as possible! Once someone clicks on your unique link, their web browser will “remember” you as the referrer for the next 30-days as long as they don’t click on another IBO’s unique link after that point.

Some of the best ways to introduce people to NewLife™ and share your unique link is by creating content! Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, content platforms such as YouTube, blogs or even TikTok are all great tools that you can use to expand your business.

The more people you can share your unique links with, the more people will join your network!

Do you know what happens if your downline Smart Consumer uses any of the share buttons after logging in on our website? That link is tracked under your IBO account as well!

We hope that you will enjoy the new enhancements on our site, and as always, should you need any support or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you!