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Chamomile |  Lemongrass |  Licorice | Rosehip |  Siberian Ginseng Root | Spearmint |  Turmeric 

A natural elixir for better health and vitality, VitaTea is the latest product here at NewLife™ International. 

VitaTea is an immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory tea. It is one of the healthiest beverages that you can enjoy, especially so during this pandemic!

VitaTea has a refreshing, uplifting lemongrass scent, a sweet aftertaste from the licorice and a hint of spice from the turmeric. It is a delicious (and healthy), sugar-free, caffeine-free tea that can be enjoyed anytime during the day—a great alternative to your daily sugary or caffeinated drinks!  

What makes VitaTea so special?  It is a perfect blend of spices and herbs which contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to provide many short and long-term health benefits. 

Health Benefits of VitaTea

Fights the Cold

VitaTea is great for treating a cold. It has properties to clear a stuffy nose, relieve heavy coughs and soothe a sore throat. 

Immune Booster 

The antioxidants and vitamins found in VitaTea are great for fighting diseases and infections. They can protect against oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic disease. High in vitamin C, VitaTea boosts the immune system, which in turn helps the body to ward off viruses and infections.  


Inflammation is a natural, protective process that helps your body heal and defend itself against infection, illness or injury. Classic signs of acute (short-term) inflammation include redness, pain, heat and swelling. However, inflammation is harmful if it becomes chronic.

Chronic (long-term) inflammation often occurs inside your body without any noticeable symptoms. It may last for weeks, months or years—and eventually lead to various health problems like weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and cancer. 

Drinking VitaTea is one way to reduce inflammation and improve your overall health. VitaTea contains many ingredients that offer powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is beneficial for those who suffer from conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthritis as well as those with pain, swelling and tiredness in joints or muscles.

Being anti-inflammatory, VitaTea may also relieve skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Improves Digestion

One of the great health benefits of VitaTea is that it helps with the breakdown of fats and helps to speed up the emptying of the stomach. By doing so, it helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as bloating, abdominal gas, digestive discomfort and nausea.  


The rich antioxidants found in VitaTea can aid in slowing down the aging process, prevent free radical damage and reduce the aging of cells in the body. This keeps the cells in your body healthier and helps your skin and hair look and feel younger.  

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

VitaTea helps to promote calmness and relaxation. It is one of the best teas for relieving stress and anxiety. Drinking VitaTea before sleep may also help people who suffer from insomnia and those who want to improve their general quality of sleep. The calming effect of chamomile may also act as a mild anti-depressant for some, as it stimulates the brain to reduce feelings of depression.


VitaTea contains ingredients such as chamomile, rosehip, lemongrass and turmeric that help to detoxify the body by supporting the body’s detoxifying organs such as the liver and the kidneys. Detoxification is important as most of us are exposed to environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and stress on a daily basis. 

Weight Management

VitaTea contains spearmint which is known to reduce cravings. This may help to prevent overeating. It also contains ingredients such as turmeric, rosehip and lemongrass that can help boost metabolism and weight management.

VitaTea will be used in Dr. Lynn’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP), and is recommended for both therapeutic and daily use. With its powerful ingredients, we are very excited for the health benefits that you will enjoy from VitaTea!