Product Development Philosophy

NewLife™ searches the world for ingredients, state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and cutting edge technology to develop its quality nutritional products.


Product Innovation

NewLife™ is a pioneer in the natural and alternative healthcare industry, working closely with naturopaths, nutritionists and suppliers from around the world to develop innovative formulas and deliver the finest products.

Research Partnerships

NewLife™ collaborates with suppliers, who have their own respective research centres and have done independent research papers. NewLife™ takes great pride in the efficacy of its products. Clinical studies have proven the efficacies of our programmes through countless real life rejuvenating cases from childhood diseases to chronic and degenerative diseases.


Formulation of Products

Products are created based on the following


Nutrients are formulated with extra natural catalysts to enhance absorption rate


Ingredients are of the best quality with the right amount of nutrients for optimal health


Products are tested by Datin Dr Lynn Tan personally for their effectiveness and supported by studies and researches in their nutritional efficacies


Adheres to Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) and suppliers validation. Stringent selection in raw ingredients, manufacturing facilities and quality control to ensure uniformity in production


Combination of selected nutrients work synergistically to provide greater health benefits


Ingredients are selected based on their purity and grade, while the right extraction methodology is used to preserve the essential nutrients


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